What is excess soil and why is it important? What do I need to know about the regulation changes on July 1 2020.

Excess soil is soil that has been dug up, typically during construction activities. It must be moved off-site because it can’t or won’t be reused at the development site.

An estimated 25 million cubic metres of excess soil is generated in Ontario every year. While most excess soil can be reused safely, some excess soil may have limited levels of contaminants and care must be taken when determining where it may be reused. This is a significant concern in urban centres and surrounding communities (including suburban municipalities, rural areas and Indigenous communities).

Improper management of excess soil can negatively affect ground or surface water quality and/or quantity in natural areas and agricultural lands. It is also associated with local issues like noise, dust, truck traffic, road damage, erosion, drainage and other social, economic, health and environmental concerns. See the following link for more info – Ontario.ca/page/handling-excess-soil.