Waste Management, Scrap Metal Recycling and Bin/Dumpster Rentals

Waste Management Services at our new transfer facility includes garbage bin rentals, waste diversion, recycling and full scale waste management. ECSI has you covered.

From Garbage Bin Rentals and rubbish and waste removal to full scale waste management, Environmentall has you covered. With hundreds of satisfied garbage bin and waste management customers, Environmentall Contracting Services Inc. helps to keep your property and our city clean.

We provide courteous, dependable and on-time collection of your waste, trash and garbage. We have the garbage bin rental and garbage disposal service you need.

Junk Removal, Bin Dumpster Rentals, Waste Management

Environmentall Contracting Services have a thorough understanding of the wide range of requirements and expectations of our customers.

Call to find out what type of garbage we can pick up and haul for disposal. 


  • Choose from 6 Value Priced Sizes of Garbage Bins (8, 10, 14, 20, 30, 40 yard)
  • Flat Rate Pricing - No Surprises...or you just don't pay
  • Fees Include Charges to Recycle your Garbage!
  • Fully Insured and Ministry of Environment (MOE) Approved Waste Removal
  • Prompt and On-time Delivery and Pickup of Garbage Bins
  • Driveway Friendly Junk Bins - No Driveway Damage
  • Broom Swept Clean Up after Garbage Bin Pick up
  • Hazardous Waste Management / Hazardous Materials Handling

Your Garbage, Junk and Waste

Home clean up? Getting rid of junk in the basement or garage? Doing a spring cleanup? Or are you just getting rid of unwanted junk, old clothes, furniture, discarded toys, magazines, patio furniture, appliances and other household items? Then we have the garbage bin rental and garbage disposal service you need.