Environmentall Team

The Environmental team delivers extensive experience in the areas of remediation and hazardous material abatement; for applications in industrial, commercial, institutional and all professional facilities.


Eric Dinelle - CEO

Eric Dinelle

Rebecca Dinelle CFO

Rebecca Dinelle CPA

Mike Compeau - General Manager

Michael Compeau

General Manager
Hilton Morbin - Controller

Hilton Morbin

Margaret Gustavel - HR Generalis

Margaret Gustavel CHRP

Manager, People Operations

Daniel Shipp MPM, PMP

Project Manager, Compliance

Tracey French - Office Manager

Tracey French

Office Manager

Jessica Marx

Client Service and Experience


Kelly Rumble

Kelly Rumble

Division Manager, Environmental/Industrial
Tom Poffley - Environmental Project Manager

Tom Poffley

Project Manager, Environmental

Holly Armstrong

Project Manager, Demolition
Alex Wing - Industrial Project Manager

Alex Wing C.E.T

Project Manager, Industrial

Lisa Paquet

Project Co-ordinator, Environmental/Industrial


Tom Royle - Project Manager Restoration

Tom Royle

Division Manager, Construction/Restoration
Curtis Wash - Construction Project Manager

Curtis Wash

Project Manager, Construction
Darren Boutilier

Darren Boutilier

Sr. Project Manager, Restoration

Jamie Hitchcock - Project Coordinator

Jamie Hitchcock

Project Co-ordinator, Construction/Restoration