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Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals that are durable and resist high heat. They are frequently found in floor tiles, ceiling tiles, insulation and more. Asbestos can cause Asbestosis, which is a serious, chronic, non-cancerous respiratory disease. Inhaled asbestos fibers aggravate lung tissues, which cause them to scar.

Asbestos are naturally occurring minerals, and can be commonly found in floor tiles, linoleum flooring, insulation, stucco, gaskets, window putty, transit pipes, siding, roof shingles, ducts, and more.

Asbestos is a very hazardous material and if not removed correctly, can put yourself and others in harm’s way. The technicians at Environmentall are trained for proper asbestos removal so you can keep your mind at ease.

Yes, when done correctly. Environmentall adheres to the latest and safest means of asbestos, with safety being our top priority!

It depends on the damage asbestos has done, the risk involved, and the size of the space. Simple jobs take roughly 1 to 2 days to complete, while more difficult jobs take longer. TO gain a deeper understanding of our process, visit our Abatement of Asbestos page.

Vermiculite was once known as a miracle mineral: it’s fire-resistant and has strong insulation properties. It was a popular material used in residential homes and commercial buildings, although most vermiculite contains asbestos. The main problem with the asbestos contained in vermiculite insulation is that its fibers are very friable and break off easily, and are then inhaled by the occupants.

Environmentall will take samples from your home that are suspected to have asbestos, where they are then submitted to a lab for analysis.